Weighing-In: The Experts Talk Vitiligo

Weighing-In: The Experts Talk Vitiligo
December 22, 2016 zanderm

Vitiligo affects almost 200 million people across the globe and research is being done every day to find a cure. There are many doctors throughout the world who focus their efforts on supporting and providing care for those who have Vitiligo and many of them are the experts in their field.

Each has an extensive history in the treatment of this condition and have formulated their own opinions. Below we took a further look at these opinions as the expert’s weigh-in!


Dr. Seemal Desai, M.D., clinical assistant professor in the department of dermatology at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and Medical Director of Innovative Dermatology suggests trying Class One topical steroid, followed by Calcineurin Inhibitors, which is a common form of treatment from many physicians.

In addition to topical steroids, Dr. Desai also recommends his Vitiligo patients get what he calls “cautious sunlight”, which amounts to about 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure between 2pm and 5pm, with minimal sunscreen coverage. See, a little sun and fun never hurt anybody!

Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, M.D, Ph.D., was the Chairman of the Dermatology Department at Harvard Medical School and has been described as the father of modern dermatology. As an expert in the field, he claimed that the idea of Vitiligo being “impossible to treat” was a myth.

Dr. John Harris from the University of Massachusetts Medical School is a key researcher in the treatment of Vitiligo. He and his team have identified a key inflammatory pathway that causes Vitiligo and is now exploring ways to shut that pathway off, which will stop the spread of Vitiligo.

Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla is one of the leading Vitiligo surgeons in India. He has performed over 700 successful surgeries in the treatment of Vitiligo that helps to slow the growth of Vitiligo, resulting in a more consistent skin color. His goal is to help his patients feel more comfortable with their condition.

Although treatments vary from patient to patient, he suggested using topical solutions, like cover-ups, such as the Zanderm Concealer and Corticosteroid creams.


Dr. Amit Pandya, M.D. has helped to improve a pigment transplantation technique that can repair the skin discoloration of Vitiligo. He believes this type of treatment will provide a new kind of hope for his patients, as this version of the technique can repair without leaving a scar and it is painless.

Dr. Pandya is the only full-time pigmentary disorders specialist in Texas and he is currently compiling one of only five registries in the world to collect data on patients and their conditions to help eventually find a cure.

As a leading homeopathic physician in India, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. states that an individual living with Vitiligo must continue to live their life as they would without the condition. He says it’s important for patients to be active within their communities and society in general and that a positive attitude is essential for productive treatment.

Dr. Ben Kim is a chiropractor and acupuncturist who was diagnosed with Vitiligo at the age of 19. As a medical professional and patient, he suggests multiple ideas for coping and living with Vitiligo, such as: eating a plant-based diet, taking vitamins such as B12 and DHA, avoiding animal by-products, and maintaining a high-quality sleep schedule.

Recently, the Vitiligo support community produced a beautiful video on individuals living with this skin condition.

Of course, each method of treatment and coping will be different for each patient. Make sure to consult your medical professional for the treatment that is right for you.

Zanderm is always here to help and offers tons of information on our blog on dieting, tips, and testimonials from others with Vitiligo. We hope you get a chance to check it out!

*Please note that Zanderm does not provide medical, nutritional, or dietary advice. Please seek consultation from a medical doctor before making any changes to your diet or nutrition.

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