Vitiligo and marriage woes- is here to help!

Vitiligo and marriage woes- is here to help!
November 3, 2018 zanderm
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Vitiligo is quite an ‘innocent’ skin condition that affects the physical appearance of a person without posing any serious health consequences as such. It is non-contagious, non-fatal and non-painful in nature. Hence, a person with vitiligo should live a vibrant, normal life like any non-vitiligo person.

But, due to lack of social awareness and acceptance about this harmless skin condition, people with vitiligo often face a hard time in finding a suitable life-partner. The white vitiligo spots on the skin overshadow all of their impressive personality traits and hamper their marriage prospects. Frustrated with delay in marriage and repeated rejections, people with vitiligo often make unwanted compromises in choosing their spouse and settle for less.

Unfortunately, this mental anxiety and trauma doesn’t end with marriage. The anticipatory fears like -“what if my vitiligo increases with time and how my spouse and in-laws will react to that” – can trouble the person for many years after the marriage. Sometimes, vitiligo becomes the ground for divorce or separation as well. Such a constant fear of insecurity will be detrimental to the quality of life. Moreover, all this emotional stress and trauma will actually worsen vitiligo symptoms because vitiligo is an autoimmune skin condition and stress is one of the biggest culprits for autoimmunity.


Vitiligo Marriage Success Story


Considering all these challenges, many of the prospective brides and grooms with vitiligo choose to marry someone with similar skin condition. Similar skin condition implies similar life experiences. It brings better understanding and comfort level between them and they rise above the feeling of insecurity or the fear of judgement forever. The skin condition no longer remains a big deal in their lives and they live a more satisfying and fulfilling life. The in-laws and family members also support their decision. In short, the overall quality of life improves tremendously.

As none of the popular matrimonial sites have a separate section for people with skin conditions, so it was a very difficult task for people with vitiligo to find their life partners on such websites. Many of them used to try their luck on social media websites such as Facebook which is not a convenient and safe platform for matrimonial search.

To address all these vitiligo and marriage woes, has been launched on 20th March, 2018. It is an online matrimonial matchmaking platform for people with Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Burn, Scar, and other skin conditions. It aims to provide a safe and genuine matrimonial platform to all the prospective brides and grooms with skin conditions so that they can find their life-partners in a pleasant manner without compromising on dignity and self-esteem. allows parents, siblings and relatives also to create profiles for their wards.

Within 7 months of launch, it has crossed 1600 registered members and 4 success stories.



The founder of, Ashish Agarwal, is also dealing with a chronic skin condition.

I am dealing with psoriasis from last 12 years. Hence, I am not an ‘outsider’. I am a part of this community and I have experienced all sorts of challenges that a person with a chronic skin condition can come across. With the help of, we aim to solve the marriage woes for people with vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin conditions. It’s an enterprise with a social cause that aims to bring positive changes in the lives of people with chronic skin conditions including vitiligo.

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