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A new Camouflage Solution for Vitiligo

  • Vitiligo Concealer Sampler – 3 Pack

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    Use our Color Testers to try the colors on your skin. We recommend ordering 3+ different shades to find the best match for your skintone. Choose 3 Shades
  • Precision Applicator

    Wondering which of our shades is the best match for your skin tone? We’ve got you covered! Mess-free precise application for small spots and a great tool for touch-ups. Our lightweight, smudge-resistant formula is available in 14 shades to blend into a wide range of skin-tones. Zanderm’s patented vitiligo solution is designed to feel and look natural on all skin types. Recommended by top doctors & dermatologists. Loved by 1000’s of vitiligans in India.
  • Wide Applicator

    Mess-free applicator to camouflage large areas Zanderm’s wide applicator instantly camouflages large vitiligo areas with just a few broad strokes. It’s mess-free and smudge-resistant. This vitiligo cover-up dries quickly for long-lasting coverage that you can rely on. This natural, dermatologist-tested, product is made in the USA. Zanderm is hypoallergenic and very gentle. Zanderm’s wide applicator easily applies camouflage into large areas. Works great on your face and body. Zanderm is hassle-free, a time-saver, and a great tool to have. FREE Shipping in the India