Product Spotlight – Zanderm Single Use Applicator

Product Spotlight – Zanderm Single Use Applicator
December 22, 2016 zanderm

The course of vitiligo is hard to predict, as anyone who has been diagnosed with the condition will tell you. About half of those with vitiligo begin displaying symptoms before they reach 20, when confidence issues and concerns about appearance tend to be at their most prominent. However, vitiligo can start at any age – and at any age, emotional and psychological well-being and self-esteem can be just as vulnerable.

There are various treatments for vitiligo, though they do not work for everybody. Indeed, even for those who do respond to treatment, the road to recovery is a long one, and symptoms remain visible throughout the duration.

Strategies For Vitiligo

Fortunately, there are strategies to help people cope with the condition. At Zanderm, we’ve created a long-lasting, hypoallergenic vitiligo camouflage that is both sweat- and water-resistant. We’re proud of the product, and even more proud of the difference it is making in the lives of others.

We want you to get all the great benefits of using Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage. We know we’ve got the best product, and now we’ve got the Zanderm Single Use Applicator to help you select your perfect shade.

The Zanderm Single Use Applicator

The Zanderm Single Use Applicator is the perfect solution for helping you select the most appropriate Zanderm shade to match your skin tone. It can be a little tricky finding the perfect shade, especially if you’re picking your color from images on a computer screen. Brightness, balance, and other screen attributes of smartphones and home computers can affect the appearance of color, not to mention how our widely own perceptions can vary (as the white and gold/black and blue dress taught us all last year!).

But, with the Zanderm Single Use Applicator, you can order just small amounts of a selection of shades to try before committing to the purchase of a Zanderm Vitiligo Concealer Pen. We have your new, amazing camouflage in the perfect shade waiting for you – and the Single Use Applicator will help you find it.

Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage

We know that users of Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage get a huge confidence boost from our product – not least because of its unrivalled reliability. Zanderm dries quickly (about 90 seconds), and delivers long-lasting coverage. Users can also feel confident in the knowledge that our products are dermatologically tested, and completely cruelty free.

Changing Lives

The real effects of vitiligo are emotional ones. The condition does more than alter skin color, it alters the way people see themselves. Indeed, although vitiligo is not life-threatening, it is life-altering. Some people develop low self-esteem, become depressed, and want to shut themselves away from everybody – including their friends. And for most, vitiligo lasts a lifetime, and so it’s as important to us as it is to you to work out a strategy to help people remain confident as they live with the condition.

Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage is very much a healer of the emotional side effects of the condition. Users feel more confident, and it helps to relieve underlying anxiety from their minds when they go out and face the world, which is our number one mission at Zanderm. And it all comes down to how easy our product is to apply, and how reliable our camouflage really is.

We want you to find the perfect Zanderm shade to match your skin tone. We’ve always known that achieving this would come down to the creation of sample-sized applicators. We put a lot of research and testing into getting this product right – and now it’s here. The Zanderm Single Use Applicator – order yours now for just $1.50 each, and find the Zanderm shade that will make the difference in your life.

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